The Gang's All Here Photo Session

It’s time to say goodbye 2016, it’s time for Christmas Holidays, New year and It’s time for The Gang’s All Here. It’s for Family Reunion. AND YES IT’S TIME TO TURN YOUR FAMILY PHOTOS INTO CHERISHED MEMORIES FOR LIFE TIME.

Family reunion photos are valuable for everyone but especially to grandparents trying to create great photo memories.

But have you noticed a lot of times these photos lacking in creativity and these photos soon to be deleted and no one bother to take a print out and frame it on home wall. Everyone in family usually standing or sitting unnaturally, waiting to hear that shutter sound and get it over with. So most family reunion photos are boring and take no time to be available at “Deleted Folder”

We know everyone wanted their family photos more unique and memorable for rest of their lives. If you are interested in making your family photos informal and unique, it’s good to start thinking “out of the box”.

These suggestions will help you to better family photos:

1. Be Playful

Say CHEESE! ( this would be your best trick to get best family photos ) 🙂

Act silly, dramatic, or even childish ( Come on, you are with your grandchildren ) Adults to play along during the family photo session can result in really outstanding family photos.

2. Show the connections between family members

Show your grandchildren laughing together with their parents.

Instead of asking people to pose and smile for the camera, let them relax and start interacting with each other naturally. When not posing, they’ll start paying more attention to certain family members, get engaged in a conversation, or simply have a good time.

Family connections are one of a kind: often magical, sometimes unexpected. Have one of the nieces serving dinner, or the other grandparents looking on with enthusiasm and joy.

3. Creative and Unique

Whether you’re hosting the reunion or not, you probably understand that a lot of time and effort goes into preparing food and decorations around the house.

As there is always so much thought given into the details, it’s always good to include these details in your family reunion photos. A beautifully decorated surrounding, the table centerpiece, or whatever catches your attention… You can make a great start for a photo story to be cherished at the next family gathering.

4. Mix & Match

You want to make sure everyone present is included in your perfect family reunion photo, However, taking a photo of a couple of smaller groups of people is also a good thing to consider, especially if your family gathering is a large one.

If you decide to take photos of some smaller groups, try to capture the relationships between the family members. Keep the informal tone of your family photo session and try to capture some fun and amusing moments.

5. Choose a theme

If you want to take your family reunion photo session to the next level, you can make it themed. Even though the reason for such a photo session is the reunion itself, it is always fun to encourage family members to wear themed outfits.

Themed family photos are fun and extraordinary. They always cause those looking at them to smile. Whether it’s a Christmas photo theme or a famous movie theme or just a dress-alike project, there are numerous themed family reunion photo ideas to choose from.

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