This is your senior year, so why sit around and mope that it’s going to be over soon. It’s going to end anyway, so get up and make every day of your senior year worth living. Go get your diary and pen and scribble down the following must have moments in your senior year to do list.

Know all your class mates

We don’t try to go out of our comfort zone. We tend to spend our years with friends we’re comfortable with right from the start. It’s time to step out of your haven and look around at all these faces that won’t be around in a year. Make an attempt to know them spend your lunch time with a different group of your class mates every day. So when you leave you’ll have a lot of faces o look back to.

Start writing your resume

You’ll need a resume when you start college. Sit around with your friends and write out the basic draft of your resume. That will serve as the foundation upon which you’ll keep building your resume.

Plan a road trip

Plan a road trip with your friends. Trust me traveling with friends is more fun than you can imagine. Make stops at all the places you like. Enjoy on the way to your destination, sing along the radio. Engrave the memories into your heart forever.

Ready for my road trip!!

Ready for my road trip!!

Register for vote

You’re going to become legal in a little while. So prepare yourself before time for the upcoming elections. It’s your duty and a right to vote. So register yourself as a legal voter beforehand. Be the good and responsible citizen.

Indulge in extreme sports

These are the days of your extreme youth. Use your energy in positive pursuits. Push yourself to your limits. Live on the edge, take challenges and be brave, while you still have the energy to do that. How ca you grow, if you don’t push yourselves to your limits?

Take part in a senior model photo session

Make yourself feel like a pretty model. Take part in a senior photo session and make the moments of your modeling stay forever. Tag your friends along and do a photo session at the place you like, or go to a photographer’s studio for convenience.

Staske Photography Senior Model Session


High School Senior Models

High School Senior Models

Say sorry to someone

Growing up is not an easy thing. As everything changes within us, our attitudes also fluctuate and we often get mean to people around us, often without even meaning to. Don’t lick at the regret of lashing out at someone you barely know for the rest of the years. Apologize to them. Write a note or say it in person, but just say it. It’s simpler to say SORRY rather than carrying the dread in your heart for hurting someone. Just apologize and get it over with.

Approach your crush

We all have our high school crushes. Gather all your courage. It’s your last year here. Who knows if you’ll see your high school crush much, after doing it? Tell them how you feel. It might feel silly, but it is worth it. Who knows what you might have next in the box.

Say thank you

You’ve had a lot of people around you who has stood by you throughout your school years, your friends, your family, your teachers. They all have coped up with a lot of your drama and they deserve the words of gratitude coming from you. Write them letters about all the things you want to thank them for. You can also pair it up with a chocolate or something like that.

Write letters for classmates u know

If you’ve started hanging out with a new group of friends every day at lunch, you surely know a lot of them by now. Tell them in the letters, how you felt hanging out with them, what you noticed about them, what you like and what you didn’t. Knowing that someone actually tried to decipher you is a hell of a good feeling. Make others around you happy and leave yourself imprinted in their hearts.


Don’t miss out on your prom; it’s the most anticipated event of the senior year. Plan a very different ‘Promposal’ the one that everyone will remember, the one that goes viral on Youtube. Leave your mark on the campus.


Plan something unique and different for your graduation. Don’t worry if it’s weird or bold. It’s your day, cash it in the most memorable way you can. Wear something bold, or weird or fancy. Do something that catches everyone’s attention. Leave the school in a way that everyone remembers even your departure.

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Have fun in your senior year and best of luck for your college.