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How You Can Have Beautiful Portraits ?

Fabulous Professional  Portrait Creations don’t happen by accident. It takes not only an Experienced Photographer and Professional Equipment but also the Planning and Sharing of ideas between you and your  design consultant. For this reason, we offer a Complimentary Design Consultation with our Professional Design Consultant, Roberta Staske.

Your particular needs, desires and expectations are completely different from any other client. It is  our goal to see that your experience with Staske exceeds all of those expectations  from the time you step foot in our studio for your Complimentary Design Consultation until the Time that You are relaxing in your home, admiring your Magnificent Finished Portraits. (Yes, you will even love how you look!)

Some of the things we will Cover in your Complimentary Design Consultation are

  • What you can expect from the beginning to the end.
  • Tips for Clothing, Hair, Make-up, and Shoes.
  • Choosing the Perfect Day and Time for Your Family.
  • Discuss Your Ideas for Portrait Collections, Wall Displays and Gift Portraits
  • Viewing our Many Art Products, Albums & Novelity Gifts
  • Price Points and Pricing Guides
  • Tour the Studio and Meet our Staff
  • Our Amazing Guarantee!

When we are done all your questions will be answered and we will have a plan to proceed to create something you are really going to Love!. We guarantee it!