When did you first get interested in photography?

PAUL: my mom signed me up a photography class at the park district… I was like 12.

What kind of camera did you shoot with then?

PAUL: it was a CANON AE1 and photographed with Natural light at a near by farm.

When did you first shoot with artificial light and how did you learn?

PAUL:  First time was my brother Kenny’s wedding, I borrowed lights from another studio.

When did you get your first set of lights?

PAUL:  when I first started working with a wedding coordinator and I bought a speedo tron and pack and heads  and then I took a workshop with  Darton Drake and it opened up my creative side and I invested in Calumet Travelights.

When did you make the change from Film to Digital?

PAUL: In 2003,  it opened up more opportunities and my wife didn’t complain as much about the film and lab bill.

What do you shoot with now?


If you had any advice to give new photographers, what would it be?

PAUL: Study the Light and see how you can manipulate and improve it.

Paul Staske.fw