Your wedding is your own personal, exclusive red carpet event, and it is your job to make sure each and every moment of this magnanimous and life changing event is wonderfully captured and preserved.

From hiring the best photographer to making all the right poses, we understand that the ordeal can get too much, and you need professional advice to help you map out your strategy in order to achieve flawlessly perfect wedding pictures.

Here are some amazing and remarkable tricks to help you click your dream wedding in the best ways possible:

  • Hiring the perfect man for the job:

A photographer is one of the most important people at your wedding, because this is the guy who is going to make sure all the fleeting and passing moments of the most incredible night of your life are preserved in most unique and memorable of ways. Your photographer must not be talented and well equipped, but also, the services must also be within your range and budget.

It is essential that you shortlist a few candidates for this extremely important job, and then interview them all to decide their merit, rather than trusting and hiring one photographer instantly. An interview will allow you to judge whether your photographer is worthy of this essential task, and whether he is capable of providing you the perfect wedding album.

  • Practice makes perfect:

While most photographers say that the best photos are the natural ones, it is a good idea to work on one’s body languages and postures, and come up with attractive poses that show off your figure and dress in the best way.

Try our secret tip of arching your back and staring confidently into the camera, and we promise you, the good clicks will start adding up immediately. Also, always remember that there is nothing more beautiful than your natural smile, but in case you are nervous about smiling into the camera, a little practice can rid you off your shyness in front of the camera.

  • Plan your poses:

How good your pictures will turn out also depends on how nicely you posed for them, so it is important that you plan and decide how your body parts will act and behave in front of the camera. For instance, you can shrink your waist by rotating your torso to face the photographer at a 45 degree angle. Similarly, you can hide your double by holding your head high, and touching your tongue to the top of your mouth.

Your arms can be left on your sides or you can hold on to your bouquet, lift up your veil, hold on to your husband, or collect the rich cascades of your wedding dress in your hands to pose for a nice click. Remember, posing is the essence of photography, so follow these tricks and click away perfection.

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  • Make sure you have your touch-up tools whenever they are needed:

Perfect pictures also need the perfect makeup, and between the tears, the laughter, the wine, the dancing and the sweating, your makeup is likely to trickle down, get smudged or wear off. Regardless of how well it is done by a professional beautician, it won’t remain flawless the entire night. Unless you chose to take matter in your own hands, and keep your touch-up kit close by in order to address all the sudden makeup emergencies before your smudged eyeliner and faded lipstick gets clicked and preserved forever.

So what are the must haves?

  • Lipstick
  • Eye shades
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Q-tips and blotting paper
  • Blush
  • Hair pins
  • Be sure to remain happy, radiant and stress-free by enjoying and having a good time:

If you are feeling self-conscious and constantly stressing about how you don’t look your best, and your pictures might get spoiled, chances are, they definitely will. A positive outlook is very important to look naturally beautiful and radiant. The key is to relax and have a good time, and the rest will come naturally.

In the instance you are really stressed out about not being photogenic, you and your partner can pose for some pictures before the wedding, and make a strategy about improving the results.

  • Make sure that your photographer uses natural lighting with a sound strategy to achieve the best possible effects:

It is essential that you understand how the sun can create certain effects on your pictures. While a luminous effect is appealing and much wanted, a lot of sun can create squinty eyes or shaded faces which look really bad when the pictures come out.

Make sure that your photographer knows that you expect him to make the best and most effective use of natural lightning.