With every New Year comes a new beginning. It is that time of the year where everyone reminisces over past year events and prays for an auspicious year ahead.

2016 would have been more like an emotional roller coaster ride for everyone with their own highs and lows but now that 2017 is about to arrive, it is time to bid a warm farewell to the year passed. It is more of a family reunion where all members of the family gather to spend good, quality time.

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Family Reunion

What are you planning for 2017

This winter holiday season is exciting and most awaited for. People plan their shopping trips together and make beautiful memories together. Families wait for this Christmas time when they all get free from their busy lives and get to spend time with each other. Everyday there are lunches and dinners where families enjoy sharing their stories and catching up on all the events missed. The time between Christmas and New Year can be spent in a productive way.

How Families Utilise This Time

These few ways listed below

  •   Shopping:

This is probably the most commonly done activity where people want to take advantage of the great sales and buy gifts for their loved ones as well. Shopping gets even more interesting when it is done with family or friends for that matter.

  •   Making resolutions:

During this time, people reflect on all that they have done the past year and analyze where exactly they were right or wrong. Based on that, they decide on one or even more than one New Year resolutions to fulfill for the coming year. Families can sit together and advice each other and make collective family New Year resolutions to achieve. This unites everyone and spreads love amongst them all.

  •   Making most of the time:

Most of us are caught up all year long in the busy routine that we have. Children are busy in studies, while adults are busy in work and offices. New Year holiday season is that one time when everyone gets ample time together and this is why families try their best to make the most of it. They do this by spending maximum time with each other talking, chatting, having food and sharing important happy memories.

Family Reunion

Staske Family Reunion Session

New Year New Family Session

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most beautiful times of the year where everyone is united together and can share and spread their love. Whether it is the Christmas dinner, lunches, family gathering, major shopping trips or the most happening New Year celebrations,

Staske photography studio will make sure that all these memories are saved for the rest of your life. You will be able to relive those memories by taking look at the perfect pictures taken by Staske studio. So, get ready for a new start and pay your warm goodbyes to all that has passed, surely 2017 will be another fun filled and blessed year for all.