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Hot Chocolates

Our Exclusive Brand

Hot Chocolates are an Exclusive Brand of Staske Photography created almost by Accident one day in 2004 by Roberta Staske and in her own words “I was working on a series of Relationship Imaging Portraits” for the Showcase of Homes. I had taken Paul’s RI images extracted the color from them and was ready to work with the Levels of Black & Whites, Contrast and Brightness, when I thought “What would happen if I added some Individual Colors in and make it look like Deep Dark Rich Yummy Chocolate?”  

And that’s Hot Chocolates were created

Client Favorite

10 years later, Hot Chocolates are a Staske client Favorite.  The Portrait Session with Paul is done very similar to the Relationship Imaging Session with regards to Choice of Clothing,  Mood, and Lighting but Once those Images have the color extracted and the “Secret Recipe” added applied the Softness of the Skin Tone.

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