Celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking your partner on a fun, memorable and exciting shoot where you can recreate memories from the past, or done exciting avatars to celebrate your time spent together and secure your memories in some amazing pictures!

With Valentine’s Day practically just around the corner, we’re sure you might want to do something unique, special, fun and out of the ordinary for your partner this year.

It’s always nice to have a romantic candle light dinner, but that can be done anytime on the weekend or on birthdays, while Valentine’s Day comes only once each year, therefore, you need to make it more exciting and special than just a candle light dinner or romantic music.

So, what is more memorable and unforgettable as compared to chocolates, teddy bears, and practically everything else? Yes, pictures!

Once a pictures has been clicked, the memory has been saved and preserved forever. On this Valentine’s Day, preserve some adorable and romantic memories of you and your partner, and reminisce them for the rest of your lives. You can plan a whole photo-shoot around you and your partner, you both can try on some fun costumes, pick out some exciting avatars, or simply re-create some of your old memories from the past and make your partner gush over how you remember each and every detail of your love story.

Here are some exciting and fun ideas for a couple’s photo-shoot:

  • Recreating old memories:

Do you remember where you met your girl the first time? What was she wearing? What did you guys do on your first date?

All these things are such beautiful and romantic memories that stay in our hearts forever, and if we photograph these, we can be sure never to lose them.

You can take your partner to all the places you both have spent some lovely moments, and you can recreate some of your amazing memories and have them clicked. Not only will your partner be delighted to discover that you remember all the old details after such a long time, but also, they will feel special and loved.

  • Impersonating your favourite movie stars and film characters:

Give your personal photo-shoot a dramatic flair, and wear exciting costumes of all your favourite stars. For instance, your girl can dress up as the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe with a nice blonde wig, and you can become the handsome Clark Gable by sporting a tux and a thin black moustache!

You can also impersonate cartoon characters, or simply, become a famous couple from a popular film, for instance, Bonnie and Clyde. Oh, this sounds so much fun, doesn’t it?

  • Romantic Couple’s Shoot:

We all know how girls just love being photographed, and taking your girlfriend out for a surprise Valentine’s Day romantic photo-shoot is definitely the best giftfor any girl. I mean, what more could a girl want when she gets a whole photo-shoot around her and her boyfriend?

Everyone does chocolates and flowers, but a romantic photo-shoot is something unique and special. Bring your girlfriend a nice dress and paired shoes, and make sure you give her a prior notice to do her makeup and get ready, or she will end up furious at you for not being able to look her best in the pictures!

Make the shoot romantic and creative, you can pick out some beautiful and scenic landscapes where you and your girlfriend can pose for some adorable pictures. Try to make some of the pictures natural and candid, for instance, get yourself photographed while strolling the beach, hand in hand, or simply, sharing an early morning breakfast, such pictures will be unique and will capture your natural intimacy.

  • Fun props to click some amazing pictures:

Using props in pictures has become quite the trend, and if you and your girlfriend want to give their shoot a more cute and adorable touch, props would make an excellent addition. With adorable props saying ‘He’s Mine’ and ‘She’s Mine’ you both can get some really special pictures taken.

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