As many couples are still looking to find the perfect match to capture your wedding day, We have decide to offer a FREE of charge Engagement Session, to every couple that books any of our wedding photography package. ( before start of Jan,2017)

There are many reasons it’s important to take engagement photos once you make it official. As a couple who likely has never been photographed professionally before, the engagement session is one of the greatest services you and your fiancé can take advantage of prior to your wedding.

Ring My Bells Photos

Here are just some of the reasons why you should take advantage of this offer:

Some couples may feel it’s a waste of time or isn’t necessary, but there are many valuable reasons why you’ll benefit from utilizing this opportunity.

Creating a relationship with us, long before your wedding day, will make a difference in the outcome of how you both feel comfortable in front of the camera and your wedding pictures.

First of all we will meet for a nice coffee and chat about your expectations for your wedding pictures, therefore we can figure out if Staske Photography is the right option for you.

During the session Paul Staske will also get to know more about you and your fiancé, and how you interact with each other and your individual personalities. This will create a bond that will allow me to capture the moments on the wedding day that are unique to just the two of you.

Have your engagement photos taken at a location that’s important or that has some meaning to the two of you. This could be the place you got engaged or where you had your first date, or it could be a place you both like to spend time or where you go to enjoy a shared interest.

Engagement photos

Some locations to consider:

Hometowns, the college where you met, a favorite restaurant or bar, a museum, the zoo, a movie theater, or even your home. Pick a significant spot and your images will mean more to you than if your photographer took you to the park and snapped a few pictures. You might also feel more at ease in an environment you’re familiar with.

Tip: Have your hair and makeup test done on the same day as your engagement session. This way, you get to see how it looks in photos and let your stylists know if there’s anything you’d like to change.

Once you see your engagement images and get excited about them, you’ll have more confidence in yourselves and on Staske Photography. When the time comes to tie the knot, you’ll look forward to having your pictures taken, instead of dreading the thought of having a camera pointed at you all day.

Once you have your engagement images, there are many things you can do with them. They can be given as gifts to family; parents especially always appreciate photographs of their children. You can also make a small album or a coffee table book, or order a wall collage or portrait to hang in your home.


The shots can also be used in your wedding program, invitation or in a save-the-date card. Or get even more creative and use your engagement pictures for something like save-the-date magnets or favors.

Please note that:

To participate of the offer, your wedding must take place in Illinois, USA and all travel costs are not included, both for the engagement session a and your wedding;

Prints or products are not included;

30% retainer of the package shall be paid on the signing of the contract. This offer can not be used associated with any other offer that might be held during 2016;