My life began a little rocky as someone let me out in the cold of December at only four months old. I was in Indiana when a kind family found me and took me to C.A.R.E. Rescue where I lived with other dogs.

Next thing I know I am in the back of someone’s car for several hours. The car stopped at rest areas but it was too cold for little me.

Then I found myself inside a warm home where I was given a big, soft, bed and a pillow with my name on it. My name is GUS. I like that name and I love how special this couple makes
me feel. I found out that I live in Illinois now. It has been six wonderful years since I was rescued and brought to Illinois. I am truly overjoyed with my life here and I love my owners very much.

Now that I have an awesome life in Illinois, I must share that I am a huge Cub fan. This explains the cute Cubs apparel I was given to match my owners. They too are huge Cub fans. Go Cubs Go! This is definitely the year to cheer on the Cubs!

Finally, even though I had several strikes against me when my life started, I was fortunate enough to overcome my rocky start and believe me my life continues to be a grand slam.

[ You can see in my smile how happy and loved I am! ]

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