We asked our facebook fans to tell us how they met their significant others. From sparks flying to complete confusion, the love stories poured in. Read some of the best .

Britt Stewart

Britt Stewart I met my now wife when a mutual friend of ours referred me to her for a haircut. After the haircut that same friend insisted I look her up on facebook and talk to her. After for talking for a few days I invited her out to breakfast at 2am, and she was crazy enough to agree to it. As they saying goes the rest is history. Our 1 year anniversary is in November and I can truly say I married my best friend!

Meghan Elizabeth Sentel

Meghan Elizabeth Sentel We met on an internet site called meet me/my yearbook. He was the nerdy creepy guy who wouldn’t stop messaging me. So I figured go out with him once and then break it off so he leaves me alone. The night we went out I fell in love with him. Almost 6 years later we are engaged to be married in September 2017.

Brittany Flanders

Brittany Flanders My husband and I were put together as lab partners in college and a friendship blossomed which eventually turned into more and now we have been together for 5 years married for 2 have a beautiful daughter together and he is raising my son as his own.

Sarah Goyne

Sarah Goyne I met my husband of 14 years by accident! I thought he was someone else as he came out of a store. I saluted him with a middle finger as I would have the friend I mistook him for. We became friends from that day on, and were roommates for a while. After a couple very crazy years as friends, we tried dating, and 6 months later, he proposed on our friends balcony. Next month will mark our 14th year of marriage, and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it! ♥️

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson Met my husband 2 years ago on okcupid we talked for 3 weeks then we thought it would b kewl to meet n person at the mall n front of Yankee candle we spend so much time together then 2 years ago we got married been crazy n love ever since

Amanda Rae Barnes

Amanda Rae Barnes I met my now husband 3 years ago online on a site called tagged. We started emailing back and forth then went to texting. He got me out of a mentally abusive relationship. We started dating valentines day 2014 then got engaged on my birthday that July. We just got married in October 2015.,I wouldn’t trade him for the world 😊

Victoria Juan

Victoria Juan We met at a World of Darkness game being held at U of I but we were dating other people. A few months later we were both single and found each other at a Halloween Party hosted by mutual friends. Turns out we had been friends with the exact same people and had just never crossed paths many times!

Tawyna Dickson

Tawyna Dickson My love and I met 11 yrs ago on an online game of pool, we kept contact for many yrs on yahoo messenger, we lived 2 completely different lives and although I was not to sure he had told me from the very beginning he loved me and that we would be together, as the yrs went along we would loose connection, and I would loose hope, but every time we reconnected, he would tell me the same thing he loved me and we will be together, mind you we have never met at this point, but everytime we reconnected, my heart would be right were it was the last.time we spoke, he did alot of adjusting in his life and finally felt he was good enough to build the relationship we deserved, but I was still so scared, but after 8 yrs of friendship and building a love for eachother, we met.. it was amazing, we knew that we were right were we’ve always wanted to be, he made the choice to move back to IL and start our lives together and 3 yrs later here we are he’s my best friend my lover, my everything, and he still reminds me everyday, I told you, i loved you and we would be together!

Jaclyn Rhodes

Jaclyn Rhodes My husband and I met in a yahoo chat room. I had recently lost my daughter, and was looking for someone to talk to. We lost touch for a while, but he apparently had been searching for me, ans finally found me a year later. We have been together 14 years, married almost 10, and have 6 amazing daughter (1 in heaven ) & 1 amazing son (in heaven)

Jay N Nikki

Jay N Nikki I met my lover when he was 5, my first kiss under the Farmer City fireworks. Then years later when I was 13 we ran into each other at a haunted house my mom was part of, exchanged numbers, I had lot his, but not to worry once again. We met at a friend and family night playing poker when we were 15 stayed together for 2 years and lost touch when I had to move away…almost 11 years later and 2 broken marriages we are yet again together,raising my son and nothing is making that change. Spend over a year with my babe and can’t wait to grow even older with him! He is truly my soul mate.

Jennifer Carter

Jennifer Carter We met at Casey’s General Store she was my boss😁

Christi Ponder-Young

Christi Ponder-Young My husband called 911 at my car accident. Oct 7th we will be married for 10 years. May 11th of this year marked us being together for 10 years.

Autumn Collins

Autumn Collins My fiancé and I met through Instagram, I liked his “truth is” post and he started by saying “hello gorgeous” and I just knew he was the one 😉 We will have been dating for 2 years on October 5th and we are getting married on November 5th!

Brandis Holloway

[ It was the summer of 2014, a young lady by the name of Brandis Holloway, was a new graduate from Bradley University in search of her first big girl job. In the meanwhile, Brandis found her self working at Landmark Cinemas in Peoria, Il. Being in this new environment Brandis was a little shy. Eventually, she was able to get to know her co-workers and even befriended a few, except one of the ushers that she met briefly on her first day. After only being an employee at Landmark for a couple months Brandis graduated to the back stand of the theater. At times being in the back stand was very slow , but talking with the ushers made the time past quickly. One specific usher would always come by the stand and ask for the number of people in each theater. I would kindly tell him the wrong numbers with a big smile and then quickly retract my statement and give him the correct count. This ushers name was Richard Webb and she thought he was pretty cute. Brandis continued to talk to Richard whenever he would pop up at the concession stand. Eventually, small talks turned in to conversations that came very easily to the both of them. From strangers to friends Richard and Brandis enjoy each other company. Richard especially enjoyed when Brandis would hide his water bottle in the break room and leave adorable ransom notes for the missing property. Soon the two exchanged numbers and would text each other late into the night. For Brandis this was very innocent, but Richard was afraid Brandis just wanted to be a booty call. Turns out the two had a lot in common. One Sunday mid September Brandis and Richard were conversing over text and Richard asked Brandis to join him for coffee. Brandis excitingly accepted, though she was not a coffee drinker but, she was for him. Richard met Brandis on the hill top at Starbucks. To Brandis’ surprise Richard purchased 2 tall pumpkin spice lattes. Was this a date??? Brandis wondered. I hope she was impressed I brought her coffee! Richard thought. They sat outside of Starbucks and before they knew it 2 hours had passed, the sun had set, and the temperature dropped 10 degrees. As the evening got later the two went their separate ways leaving excited but also unsure where this relationship may take them. It was to late for them, God had a plan and destiny was set in motion. ]

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