Congratulations! Your baby just turned one.

You made it through the first step towards the amazing journey of parenthood. Time flies, and now you know how fast. Yesterday you were waiting for your little munchkin to arrive in this world and now you are planning your little baby’s first birthday. But don’t worry, we have got you covered, we are here to guide you about how can throw your 1 year old the best birthday party.

But how would the one-year old know that his birthday party was awesome?

Offcourse,when he grows up and see the photos. So along with a great birthday party, it is important to have great photos too. And so here we are, with 4 ways in which you can throw your baby the best first birthday party and have it documented in the best photos possible.

“Your child just turned one? The celebration has to be 1Derful!”

Choosing the best Time

Choose a time when your baby is fully rested and full awake. Most kids are seen weeping or in a bad mood in their birthday photos because they are either tired or sleepy. Great photos are taken in great moods. So before anything, keep in mind your baby’s nap time. If he sleeps early at around 9 pm, then don’t plan the birthday at night. And if he is a day sleeper, then he would be wide awake at night time, and that’s when you should hold the party so that you kid looks happy in his first birthday photoshoot.

Smash a cake birthday

Smash a cake birthday

A perfect venue

Choosing a place for your kid’s first birthday is also important considering how do you want the pictures to turn out. Would you go for the natural settings, or you’d rather prefer a more contemporary or urban style? For a natural mood, nothing can beat the late afternoon light at the garden, a hill or anywhere outdoor. But for a more contemporary and urban setting, studio lighting can also give a very modern touch to the pictures. So if you are planning the party indoors, keep in mind the sort of lighting that is available, because that’s how good your pictures are going to turn out.

smash cake

Baby first birthday

Choosing a theme

Where choosing a theme for your baby’s birthday party gives the impression that you have put a lot of thought into planning the birthday, it also gives a very cute touch to the birthday pictures. A themed birthday party includes accessories, birthday gifts, smash cake, and other party decorations based on a single theme. It gives a sense of wholeness to the event and also looks great in the pictures.

Some kids birthday party theme ideas include; A cowboy themed birthday, Winter wonderland theme, Pretty in pink theme, Red balloon theme etc etc.

first birthday party themes

Birthday party themes

Smash Cake

Keeping a smash cake is also a great idea for fun. A smash cake is a cake that is made just to be smashed, by the kid. Nowadays smash cakes are all the rage for the first birthday parties. A kid enjoys it, and while photographing the whole thing, the expressions of excitement and joy on the kid’s face are priceless.

smash cake

Smash cake