What a happy time to be alive, in the era when love is officially unconditional! LGBT weddings are legal nationwide and we couldn’t be happier to be associated with the wedding photography industry at just the most exciting time ever! Our excitement knows no bounds just thinking about all the gay and lesbian wedding we are going to photograph in Champaign only, let alone throughout the state!

As the long-waiting committed partners look forward to their engagement parties, and the engaged couples prepare for their weddings bells, there starts the exciting search to book the splendid venues and best professionals around for the memorable ceremony. Along with  this, the competition for best photographers in town has also increased more than ever. Even though there is an endless list of professional photographers always ready to cover your wedding, there are some things you need to keep in mind while choosing a photographer for your gay or lesbian wedding ceremony.

Below is a list of 4 points I have devised for you to look for while choosing a professional to document your big day!
  1. Go for a photographer who has a great portfolio

Being a same sex couple you may find yourself a little conscious while looking for professionals to work with. You may find yourself settling merely for a ‘good’ photographer while preferring him only because he is known to be gay friendly. Well, IT IS NOT ENOUGH! You also should go through a number of portfolios and finally choose the photographer who has the best photographs because after all, that’s what you deserve! While we at StaskePhotography  love to work with same sex couples, we also make sure that we have a splendid portfolio to boast, so that you are content with the fact that you are getting your final wedding albums done not only with good photographs, but rather GREAT photographs!

  1. A photographer with a previous LGBT Wedding experience

Remember, Only a great portfolio is not enough.  If a photographer has a brilliant portfolio working with straight couples, he may not prove to be as good for your gay or lesbian wedding. Creating beautiful photographs of straight couples may be different than creating beautiful photographs of  same sex couples. Figuratively speaking, the poses that look cute on a straight couple may fall flat when tried on same sex couples, because our traditional wedding poses have specific gender roles applied to them. Thus a gay wedding coverage needs special experience and creativity. To bring out the best and most natural essence of your photographs, go for a photographer with specific LGBT wedding experience.

  1. Don’t rely on a degree/certificate holder for your photographer

If you are assuming that a photography degree/certificate holder would also be great choice for your LGBT wedding then you, my friend, are mistaken. As much as the educational sector has been introduced to acknowledge the gay and lesbian understanding, most professional photography courses have not yet included special training or books regarding photographing gay/lesbian couples. So rather than looking for the educational background, look at the photographer’s previous work and preferably his experience with LGBT couples and their wedding. Might as well arrange a couple shoot prior to the wedding/engagement to get an idea of proficiency that the potential photographer has in his work.Also to get an idea of your compatibility with him.

  1. Don’t specifically look for an LGBT photographer

You may believe that because a photographer himself is gay, he is ideal for your wedding. That is certainly not the case. Even though you may feel more comfortable working and posing with someone from your own community, there are more important factors that you should keep in mind when going for your ideal photographer. Keep in consideration the portfolio, experience, style and compatibility of the photographer when making a choice. You may end up having the best photography experience with a photographer who is straight. Talking from experience, at Staske Photography a lot of our clients who are same sex couples have  given us 5/5 because of their comfort while working with us.

Keep these points in mind and you will definitely make the best choice for your fairytale wedding photography! Best of luck.

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